The Lord Lascelles Chapter of the IODE (Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire) undertook the development of the first public library for Lacombe in 1930

The library opened its doors in December 1931. It was the old public school building- located on the site of the present Memorial Centre. The Town Office occupied the first level and the library was on the second

By 1932 the library was circulating 465 adult fiction books and 86 juvenile books

1951 - The collection of books was moved from the old school building into the basement of the new Memorial Recreational Centre (M.R.C.)

On November 23rd, 1953 the M.R.C. was destroyed by fire and the library lost all its books and records

1955 - The library moved into the west wing of the rebuilt Memorial Centre. At this time the Lacombe Regional Library Board took over the operation of the Library from the IODE

1963 - The school library collection was moved into the High School, leaving the rest of the collection as a public library serving the town

1980 - The library became a municipal library in order to receive an annual provincial grant

1985: The public library moved to the more spacious facilities in the newly built Parkland Place (5033 52nd Street). The move was necessary to meet the rising demands for library services from a growing population

After 20 years in Parkland Place- the library outgrew its location and planning began for a new facility in the new Lacombe Memorial Centre. The construction began in 2006

In 2007, The Lacombe Public Library is officially renamed the Mary C. Moore Public Library in recognition of Mary Moore’s generous contribution to the building of the new facility. The Mary C. Moore Public Library opened its doors to the public in October of 2007

Through the years, countless volunteers and staff members have contributed to the success of the library in Lacombe. The library would not exist without their hard work and dedication