Help Grow Your Library!

Did you know The Library is a nonprofit organization? We receive about 74% of our yearly budget from the City of Lacombe. We also receive funding from the Lacombe County and the Rural Library Services branch of Alberta Municipal Affairs. The rest of our funds are self-generated from the sale of memberships, printing services, patron fines for late, lost and damaged library materials, patron donations, book sales, and from the events and craft sales organized by the Friends of the Library.

Your contributions make a difference! We accept donations year-round in many forms: previously-loved books for our collection and booksales, financial donations including designated donations and those made in memoriam, and magazine subscription "adoptions." Once a year we accept gently-used items for our annual garage sale. We also have merchandise available for purchase including canvas bookbags and community cookbooks.

Examples of designated donations we have received include the purchase of new visually-impaired-specific audiobook players, a new lectern used for our history and travel lectures, genre-specific books & audiobooks, and a globe for the children's area.

You can also make a donation online through


Make a lasting contribution today and help make the future bright for your Library!