Discover the world without leaving Lacombe! Local travelers share their adventures from recreational excursions to research and aid projects. Come and join us for this free presentation series at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. Open to the public of all ages. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library.

Lectures take place on the second Tuesday of the month, at 7pm in the North County Room in the LMC.

2019-2020 Season:
October 8: World War I & II sites in Europe, Irene Sisson
November 12: New Zealand, Doreen Munro
January 14: Ireland, Janet Hall
February 11: Disney, Sonya Beauclair
March 10: Iceland, Todd Prochnau
April 14: Nepal, Doreen Hainsworth

2018-19 Season:
October 9: Travelling as a Teen: A High School Europe Trip, presented by Emma Joy Pocock
November 13: Seeing Scotland, presented by Victor "Scotty" Roxbury
January 8: Iraq & Afghanistan: Experiencing Compassion in the Most Dangerous Countries, presented by Eric Rajah
February 12: Travelling in the “‘Stans,” presented by Denise Herr
March 12: The Lacombe Legion Tour: World War I and II Sites in Belgium, France and Holland, presented by Irene Sisson
April 9: AMA Travel, presented by Vicki Raines

2017-18 Season:
September 12: Africa: Through the Eyes of the Children, presented by Warren Kreway
October 10: The Long Road from Langtang, presented by Beverly Williams
November 14: Unique Places and People of China, presented by Dr. Shirley Freed
January 9: Tibet: Land of Mythos and Mysteries, presented by Keith Clouten
February 13: Africa, presented by Lavina Stewart
March 13: Australia, presented by Grant Oatway
April 10: Adventures in Thailand, presented by Ross & Ann Bissell

2016-17 Season:
The Camino Call: A journey of the Soul, presented by Beverly Hagen
New Zealand: Two Islands, Two Countries, presented by Grant Oatway
Africa: Off the Beaten Path, presented by Lynette Hycha, Janice Morrow, Julie Evans & Gwen Jensen
Incredible India: A Journey Through The Golden Triangle, presented by Alison Thompson
From London to the Emerald Isle: Travels through England, Scotland and Ireland, presented by Victoria Papst
A Little Bit About Belgium, A Little Country, presented by Andrew & Emma Nokes

2015-16 Season:
Walking the Camino: Our Way - Ardi Tolsma
Costa Rica: Diversity - Grant Oatway
Bits of Japan - Eadie Jones
Just a Small Town Girl: An Adventure in London England - Brianna Venhuis
Over the Sea to Skye: A Six Week Scottish Adventure with Two Small Children - Kirstin & Brent Bouwsema
Our Trip to Russia - Carol Cornwell